Life & Business Coaching (per session)

Life & Business Coaching (per session)

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Business Coaching Sessions

Methodology: We first focus on any specific problems the individual has. Once those are resolved then we scan through the individual’s Life Areas and focus on those areas that needs improvement

Life Areas include : Health, Career, Money, Friends and Family, Physical Environment, Entertainment and Recreation, Other Important Things / Romance, Personal Development

Other Potential Benefits:

• Getting rid of negative past experiences
• Getting rid of limiting beliefs
• Goal and Vision development
• Increased Motivation to reach Goals
• Habit Building & Adapting a Daily Routine
• Learn and use Manifestation / Visualisation / Law of Attraction
• Accountability
• Time Management
• Breathing Techniques as needed

Personal / Mindset Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

Methodology: Mindset Breakthrough Coaching Sessions can also be performed as a part of the Life Coaching Sessions mentioned above as needed.

We focus on the specific areas of the individual who wants to have a mindset shift.

Potential Benefits:

  • Learning and overcoming success blocks!

  • Adapting the Abundance Mindset!

  • Adapting the Process and Progress Mindset!

  • Habit Building & Adapting a Daily Routine!

  • Learn and use Manifestation / Visualisation / Law of Attraction!

  • Goal and Vision development!

  • Increased Motivation to reach Goals!

  • Accountability!

  • Time Management!

  • Breathing Techniques as needed!

Breathing Techniques Coaching Sessions

Methodology: In Breathing Techniques Coaching sessions, we use a breathing techniques program in line with the health information that the individual will provide us with and the individual’s specific needs.

During life coaching and mindset coaching sessions, we also use appropriate breathing techniques from time to time in order to reduce the anxiety, fear, and stress of the client or to control their unwanted emotions, when needed.

Potential Benefits:

• The specific benefits associated with the individual’s needs as a result of implementing the breathing technique(s) selected for the individual.

• Learn the Correct Breathing - nasal diaphragm breathing - increasing lung capacity, boosting the immune system, reducing blood pressure, improving the digestive system, and improving the lymphatic drainage system.

• Learn How to adapt the Correct Breathing to normal, daily breathing.

• Get relief from anxiety, fear, stress, tiredness, and overexcitement.

• Learn How to take control of unwanted emotions and come to the moment, especially when angry, jealous, or anxious, or prior to important meetings, interviews, dates, and sports competitions.

• Learn Breathing Techniques that can be used in daily life as a part of morning and/or evening routine, refreshing and boosting people's life energy.

Participate in Guided Meditation

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