Business & Life Coaching Sessions, Provided by Ozan Bas Coaching International

Your life and your business are too important to wing it, you need a coach….
Every top business owner has a coach, CEOs of most successful businesses have a coach, and every top athlete and every top performer has a coach.

A coach illuminates the big picture for you and helps you access more of your potential to improve and reach your goals.

- It doesn’t matter if you are running a million-dollar business

- You have a multi 6 figures or 7 figures income business,

- Or you are a start-up business owner with high goals.

MILLIONS of Business Owners of ALL business sizes from ALL over the world are getting ASTONISHING benefits from coaching right now.

The Business Coaching sessions we provide you with are a minimum of 90 minutes long - 100% confidential, 1 on 1 online coaching sessions with our Business Coach Ozan Bas of Ozan Bas Coaching International. Ozan is an ICF Certified Professional Expert Coach, a Breath Coach, and an NLP Practitioner.

Coaching Sessions - 100% Confidential 

Coach Ozan Bas is bound by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics (link to  ) - a very high standard of confidentiality. Confidential information you share during the coaching sessions is NOT shared with any 3rd party, also including Your Digital Team.

Coach Ozan Bas is also internally engaged with Your Digital Team in an innovative way in which he is an independent third party bound by these high confidentiality standards while managing a crucial HR aspect of our company.

The Confidentiality information and Disclosures are provided in the Coaching Agreement which is required to be read and electronically signed below prior to purchase of sessions.