Minor WordPress Customisations
Minor WordPress Customisations
Minor WordPress Customisations

Minor WordPress Customisations

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Number of Hours
No job is too small. We are available for as little as 15-minute blocks, so if you have a small WordPress job that you just can't work out, our team of devs can look at it for you and find a solution.

How it Works

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of developers will connect with you via email to understand the issue you are having and then fix it for you.

What is Included

As many minutes/hours as selected are included and work must be centered around WordPress. Our team will alert you if the job you have requested will not fit into the time selected.

Delivery Timeframe

5 business days


Upon purchase, our team will email you to get the following information:

Please include in your brief where relevant:
  • Brand Name.
  • Link to URLS of the existing website.
  • What the issue is that you are experiencing.
  • Ideal deadline (if you need it sooner than the stated delivery time).
  • Anything else we need to know about the brand or your desired outcomes.
Please note the images on this product are sample feeds, your design can look like whatever you like.

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