LinkedIn Strategy
LinkedIn Strategy
LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedIn Strategy

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LinkedIn is where businesses get seen, and it's the best place to be totally transparent in everything you do. You can also use the platform to connect with new employees and network for future gigs. But it can be a tough platform to crack too - you might have to completely shift your tone and take a different approach to what you post. Don't worry though, our LinkedIn Strategy makes it a lot easier than it sounds.

How it Works

We will learn about you and your business and then provide you with a 2 page report and strategy document on how you can improve your LinkedIn presence.

What is Included

A minimum 2-page report/ strategy document with tips and direction on how you can improve your LinkedIn presence. 1 round of revision is included in this product. This product does not include the posting or updating of your LinkedIn profile.

Delivery Timeframe

5 business days


Upon purchase, our team will email you to get the following information:

Please include in your brief where relevant:
  • Brand Name.
  • Link to URLS of the profile.
  • Ideal Deadline (if you need it sooner than the stated delivery time).
  • Anything else we need to know about the brand or your desired outcomes.
Please note the images on this product are sample feeds, your design can look like whatever you like.

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