LinkedIn Reporting & Analysis
LinkedIn Reporting & Analysis
LinkedIn Reporting & Analysis

LinkedIn Reporting & Analysis

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No one likes to do it, but reporting social media stats and analytics are a non-negotiable. It's the one concrete way to know what your audience is thinking, how they're responding and what you can do to keep them happy. Discover important metrics like reach, engagement, followers, viewers, organic vs. non-organic traffic, the top performing posts, and maybe most importantly, what all of these actually mean!

How it Works

We start by grabbing your brands details, access to your current analytics/ any systems and then we begin to fill in the gaps. Our team of social media experts will pull your data into shape, and make sense of it so you can make decisions based on facts.

What is Included

The review and analysis of your social media account. A 1-2 page report and analysis of your current data and suggestions on what to improve.

Delivery Timeframe

5 business days


Upon purchase, our team will email you to get the following information:

Please include in your brief where relevant:
  • Brand Name.
  • Link to URLS of the platform/s.
  • Ideal Deadline. (If you need it sooner than the stated delivery time.)
  • Anything else we need to know about the brand or your desired outcomes.
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