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One of the easiest ways to show off what your business is about, and draw in new followers at the same time, is with quote cards. Let our designers create a series of quote cards that show off how good your business can look, and give you easy, engagement-ensured posts, whenever you need them the most.

How it Works

We will work with you to develop the quote cards that we will design, then deliver in a folder for you to use on social media.

What is Included

The design and delivery of the selected amount of quote cards. 2 rounds of revisions are included.

Delivery Timeframe

3 business days


Upon purchase, our team will email you to get the following information:

Please include in your brief where relevant:
  • Brand Name.
  • Brand Guide (or details of the brand style guide) including colours, fonts, and any repeated assets.
  • Link to URLS of the platform/s.
  • Ideal Deadline (if you need it sooner than the stated delivery time).
  • Anything else we need to know about the brand or your desired outcomes.
Please note the images on this product are sample feeds, your design can look like whatever you like.

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